Your Presence is Requested …

Why Attend?

Media sales isn’t getting any easier.

We’ve gone from solely selling ad space with little to no measurement metrics to ROI-based native ads, event sponsorships, qualified leads, video services, webinars, and who knows what next? Here’s the thing: very few publishers have stopped to think what this means to the sales team and those on the frontlines every day. Instead, media sellers have been tasked to hit next quarter’s numbers, often with a new rate card and the latest “new and exciting” offering.

It’s time for a media sales reboot.

Why attend?

Sales Career Reboot: If you’re a serious media salesperson, you come to Reboot to become more creative, innovative, dynamic and SUCCESSFUL in your sales process.

Develop Strategic & Creative Sales: We’re not going to tell you how to sell your products – YOU will be inspired to redevelop how you sell and we’ll help you identify new tools that will work for you and your business.

Harness the Culture Shift: There are legacy companies that are hacking away, using the same tools and techniques as in the past, expecting them to work. There are companies that are being creative and innovate, transforming the sales process and their success. Which do you want to be?

Brought to you by Publishing Executive, this immersive training program will educate publishing salespeople and business development professionals on how to employ sales strategies suited to today’s media environment. Attendees will learn how to better organize, plan, prepare and sell their integrated media campaigns in order to enhance revenue, maximize their clients’ ROI, and grow your business.


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